Beta Test Feedback and Design Improvements before Release

Hello world, it has been a while since the last update, and things have been going slowly however they are still going!

The Beta Test has been ‘over’ for a while now, and feedback has been gathered by email and forum responses, and some modifications to the design have been in the process of design and testing.

Changes and improvements such as:

  • Increasing the audio amplifier voltages to squeeze the most possible burst power out of the speaker as possible
  • Adding additional buttons for specific selection of audio tracks by the user
  • Adjusting the location of the volume knob and “mode” button to be more user-friendly and accessible
  • Fixing/simplifying the reverse-polarity protection circuit to be more reliable
  • Fixing/simplifying the power on/off circuit to be more reliable

Other tasks related to Design For Manufacture so that the product can be made quickly and efficiently (bringing down cost) and control quality better for sourcing components includes:

  • Testing alternative methods of manufacture for the enclosures, such as SLS/SLA 3D Printing for a better surface finish and structural integrity
  • Designing a custom, lower profile speaker protection mesh
  • Alternative options for rail clamp mechanisms for more reliable strength, operation, and ease of assembly
  • Integrating the Microcontroller and supporting circuitry from the ‘development board’ used during the beta test into the main board of the device. This significantly reduces costs to produce the device and helps us hit the target retail price.
  • Improved aesthetic design of the product outer casing (“PEQ” box) with all the above changes incorporated.

These changes take time and careful consideration, but we know you guys and girls are keen to have these products so we have to balance that with the reality of making a robust and reliable product for you to have fun with.

We are going to hold off giving any estimated release date until most of the above tasks are completed and there’s more certainty on the timeline.

Take care, and make sure you remember to go play Airsoft!

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