This is the Custom Sound Device (CSD) – a PEQ box form-factor device housing a high power 2″ loudspeaker with fully integrated electronics for power, amplification, and control. The device has an integrated laser pointer for faster aiming in CQB. The CSD requires (and comes with) a sensor adapter for the muzzle of the airsoft gun, to detect the BB as it exits the barrel to trigger a simulated gunshot sound effect, or any other custom sound effects through the use of a microSD card. The sensor used by the CSD also acts as a Tracer Unit.

Click on the product page link title above to read more. This item is the main feature of the crowdfunding campaign.PEQ RENDER FRONT ISO

Here’s an example clip of an older prototype mounted on a machinegun AEG:


VERTICAL HAND GRIP – Integrated Battery Storage

Kytech Industries has designed and prototyped an ergonomic vertical hand grip you can rail-mount to your Airsoft gun to have a convenient place to mount the battery that the CSD requires to operate.  The grip allows a reasonably large capacity 2-cell lithium ion battery to be safely held inside of it, while allowing the battery wires to come out and supply power to the CSD or any other device (including a front-wired AEG!). This grip will be available separately. Click the title link above to see more about this product, and specifics about the battery dimensions it can hold.