Kytech Industries

Kytech Industries is a business spawned to develop and support innovative electronic Airsoft technology. The inception has come about after years of R&D by the founder, to bring the first product to market with crowdfunding initiatives.

We started with the Custom Sound Device, but as development progressed we have discovered a whole ecosystem of possible products, one of which has become the battery storage hand grip. We have big plans!


The overall aim of Kytech Industries is to develop and deliver quality products and long term support to its customers. Doing this by a close connection to the customer and building a community to support the product ecosystem.

The Founder

Kyran Findlater is the founder of Kytech Industries. Kyran is an experienced Robotics and Electronics design engineer with a Bachelors degree of Mechatronics Engineering (Robotics Major) with honours from the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. With years of circuit design, embedded systems programming, and robotic system integration experience under his belt, Kyran was able to bring his ideas to life since leaving Australia and experiencing Airsoft in Canada and the UK.



The Support Team


Behind every successful venture is a supportive partner. Kytech Industries has a strong supporter helping at every stage! Meet Mercedes!






There is also a host of talented freelancers in multiple fields who are keen and personally invested in the success of these projects.