The Design Journey

cropped-dsc_4214.jpgAbove: First prototype box and flash-hider sensor


Having played airsoft for a while, I (Kyran) was dissatisfied with the sound of airsoft guns, except for some of the gas blow-back rifles and pistols which naturally sounded awesome. I also saw the media and hype around the B.L Tech “B.O.S.S” gas-operated sound emitting device designed to make Airsoft guns sound more realistic – however this never came to market because they got sidetracked with military contracts.

The concept was simple – trigger a sound effect when the airsoft gun fires a shot (successfully). The implementation was also quite simple, in terms of function and complexity of the product, and the results were reasonable (loud) enough that I continued development and testing.


Below is a gallery showing various stages of development of the Custom Sound Device (CSD) over the period of about 1.5 years. Multiple designs of the box, sensor, and electronics is shown.

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Custom Sound Device – Current Model

The current state of the CSD is very close to production-ready. The feature-set is ready and only final testing for newer features such as the Tracer Unit in the sensor and the production stages (design for manufacture) remain. For the full list of features and more detailed images please see the CSD product page. Multiple field tests and working with freelance design engineers means this is a quality and tested product, and will be released with all the bugs ironed out beforehand!




Future Models and plans:

Once the PEQ box shaped device is in production, Kytech Industries plans on follow-up models and improvements/advanced features.  The next planned model is an M203/M320 grenade launcher shaped model with a forward-facing speaker. The potential for wireless sensor and integrated chronograph features will be explored, and also potentially an app for stats-tracking from bluetooth connection with a phone.