Vertical Grip for Battery


Kytech Industries offers a tactical accessory to help those without easy ways to power their Custom Sound Device, or want a neat solution to holding batteries for front-wired AEG airsoft guns. The grip is designed to be ergonomic, sturdy, and hold a variety of batteries large enough to power an AEG. Access to the balance leads allows in-place charging, or simply slide the grip off and swap batteries between games if you need to change to a fresh one.

The internal battery space allows for batteries up to these dimensions:

Length (L): ~75mm max

Width (W): ~31mm max

Thickness (T): ~17mm max


NOTE: Batteries may swell over time, and the way their wires are positioned and wrapped may cause fit issues. See list of batteries from various sources that are known to fit.



See below on a Keymod hand guard (with a short rail segment on the keymod slots, like the empty one you can see on the side of the rails):


List of batteries known to fit:

Hobby King – Zippy Rhino 610mAh 2 Cell Lipo

Hobby King – Turnigy Nano-tech 950mAh 2 Cell Lipo

FULLYMAX – Overlander Series 900mAh 2 Cell Lipo


If you have successfully tested batteries to fit in the Kytech grip, please email contact @ to let us know and we can add the model/make/supplier to this list to help others work out what will fit before buying anything. This information will become available and maintained on the forums in early 2019 onwards.